Sometimes when I am typing and adding content to the website I make a few errors with spelling and grammar. I might not always see the mistakes until a few days later or even a week later when adding more content to the shop or updating the main pages. It’s very easy to misspell something and not see it. I do have a grammar and spell checker but even that can make mistakes that I do not always see. Remember I was born and bred in Newcastle Under Lyme in the United Kingdom so use British English and occasionally type with dialect spellings. I might not see. One example if I use the words was or cannot I might type wost for was and cost or corner for cannot. I have seen it a lot on other websites with a few spelling and grammar errors but that is to be expected. I do get distracted by a fury thing called a cat that likes to sit by my keyboard and has a tendency to rest on some of the keys typing cat language like 0fkpk[a[dkdie9ieekakmdfmsmamll,mclldpepe,f,pedlk. That, not even a person who can read hieroglyphs can understand it. Your cat might be able to read it if you ask your cat but good luck with that. The word Colour is the British English spelling but in America they use Color. My spell checker is set to British English. If you spot any mistakes with spelling and grammar please let me know using the contact form on the Contact Page and I will correct it as soon as I can.

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